Sander Processing, Inc.

Welcome to Sander Processing

At Sander Processing we have been doing custom meat processing
for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on cutting meat to each customer's specification.
In June of 2003 we opened our current establishment; this allowed 
us to be able to sell retail meats to the public, as well.
We have become known for selling fresh beef, pork, and a variety
of smoked products to our customers.  But, what you see in the meatcase is not a limit to what we sell; custom cuts and special
orders are welcome! 

The other advantage to our new plant is that we are state inspected.  This allows our customers to resell their own meats to local farmer's markets, food stores, and restaurants.  Some of our larger customers have recently started promoting organic and all natural meats.  If you are interested, here are some of their websites.

Sander Processing, Inc.
6614 East State Road 164
Celestine, IN  47521

Phone: 812-481-0044
Fax: 812-482-7433


7 am-5 pm

7 am-2 pm


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