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Due to the increase in volume, Sander Processing will do its best to process your meat as close to your request date as possible. The rules listed below are to allow a more efficient workflow and to prevent contamination.

All beef with 200 lb. halves or more can hang 7-10 days. Smaller beef may be less. 

Any beef with 300 lb. halves and appropriate fat cover can hang 12-14 days with the approval of management. A 10 cents per pound upcharge will be applied. 

All hogs, sheep, and goats must have cutting instructions provided to us by NOON EST the day of your appointment or additional fees will be applied.

All customers reselling meat that require weights add 5 cents a lb.

Orders not picked up in a reasonable amount of time will be charged a storage fee.


Butchering $30
Scald: $40 White hog
$60 Colored hog
Cut $0.53 LB
Vacuum Pack $0.15 LB
Sausage Patties $0.40 LB
Sausage Links $0.50 LB
Cure $0.50 LB
No Nitrite Cure $0.80 LB

Bologna $1.00 lb
Bologna with Cheese $1.30 LB

Sausage Types:
Country Style, Salt-and-Pepper, Sage, Italian, Bratwurst, Hot-and-Spicy, Chorizo, or Garlic

 Sheep and Goat

Butchering- $25 
Cut- $30
Vacuum Pack- $20



Butchering $80
Cut $0.43 LB
Vacuum Pack $0.15 LB
Patties $0.40 LB

Bologna, Franks, Summer Sausage
$1.00 LB

Summer Sausage with Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, or Jalapenos $1.30 LB


Skin  $30
Cut and Vacuum Pack $90*

Summer Sausage $1.70 LB

Summer Sausage with Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, or Jalapeno $2.20 LB

Big Sandwich Bologna $1.70 LB
Cracker Bologna $1.70/lb
Franks $1.70 LB
Bratwurst $1.70 LB
Ring Bologna $2.20 LB
Jerky Snack Sticks $3.50 LB

Deboned Meat
Grind & Package $1.00/lb
Minute Steaks & Vac Pack $1.00/lb
Vacuum Pack $0.50/lb

*We will not accept frozen deer that is still on the bone.


Butcher- $120
Cut and Vacuum Pack- $0.58 LB

Elk and Deer

Butcher- $80
Cut and Vacuum Pack- $0.65 LB

Turkey Meat

Processing- $1.00 LB
Smoked- $1.00 LB
Sliced & Vacuum Packed- $0.80 LB

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